Friday, 19 December 2008

What if . . . Leeds Smiled?

The problem we cam across was casicaly the people of Leeds dont smile enough, so we were going to solve this by coming up with a way of making them smile as they walk through town.

Luke Hallam
Sophie Robinson
Martyn Wooley
Rebecca Liggins
we collected evidence to show out problem, we took photographs of the city ccentre on a very wet and grey day and eveyone looks very miserable, this primary source was most usefull as it was visually supportin our problem. We also did a survery and asked people to give us words that describe Leeds and most of them were negative being buisy, grey and corwded. this gave us both quantative data that we used to make qualataive data aswell.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

FINAL Type Gatueax

ok so started at 6 O'clock and finished at 10 and this what i have. its not what i initially intended to do but damm it looks good even if u cant really read the letters and the icing taste like SHITE whats a little error here or there!
I'm just hoping i can get it in tomorrow without dropping it or something dreadful . . . !

Friday, 12 December 2008


ok so maby im taking this a bit seriously but i AM GOOOOD!
my first attempt at this creative cake building may not ahve gone so well but my second attempt was a CORKER
see for your self . . .

this is the first batch that has EVER looked slightly hopefull, a little secreat of mine now to making these little mirical muffins, and the colours well they are just a nice treat for you all.

ok so i may have cheated a little bit with the alphabet cut out shapes but when i tried free hand it was HORRIFIC, crummies everwhere and as for the letters . . .!
Little did i know that u could buy BLACK food colouring, so yes i had to buy it and black icing looks a little weird and gross however, the hundereds and thousands helped them to look AWOMSE, oooh this litte H&T getting everwhere
so BRING IT ON graphic design!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

oooh gosh how excited i am about this type gateau been hard at work on the quantitative and primary research, and what is research without a load of cakes humm!

Monday, 8 December 2008

misleading communication

said one thing and meant another, or acted completely differently than how u felt? yep we all do it. took some photographs just to experiment with this concept visually, they work in quite a sarcastic way i think and if not they are just a laugh to look at.
aswell as showing what we are secreatly thinking, ivlooked at body language, and how we can put up these barrieres subconciosly sometimes. here the girl (yes she is my twin) has her arms folded across her chest showing a physical barrier from the guy (Chris her bf)

Friday, 5 December 2008

Digital Photography

These are just two of the photographs that i have taken in my digital photography elective, i was using a 70-200 zoom lence and using the studio lighting.
i was looking at depth of field, something that i though i understood but when i put it into practice found i didnt really know what i was doing, so after our session on Tusday about the SLR camera i used my elective session to run over these teniques.
The first image is using a small depth of field where i have focused on the forgroud objects, adn the second images is where i used a long depth of field where i focused the camera on the background objects.

Monday, 1 December 2008

100 photos (really really small)

out of 123 these are a few of
my faviourites!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

THE END . . . for your junk mail

Thats it for junk mail.
i know how unbelivabily annoying it is getting home at night and falling over all the JUNK that is piled through your door every day, do you think its going to stop all by its self, that the junk fairy will come carry it away. . . !
here are jsut a few sites that could help you on your way to STAMP OUT junk mail.
but what about all that rubbish you have already . . . well then you could put on ur creative face and make a few DIY recycled 'thinkgs'
do u like an origional look? hummm use all you junk and make some JUNK GEMS and deffinantly one of my faviourites, forget the christams decorations in the loft, try these babubles, (also a good idea for those friends that youv'e ahd to skimp on this year)

or maby you simply want to know the facts on recycling and how much enery we waste a year on junk mail and noramal light bulbs? it all makes a difference dont start thinking that you cant make a difference . . . because its people like you who have taken the time to come on here to find out more who are, in the end, going to save the planet.


Monday, 17 November 2008

3 poster that i produced for a recycling campaign, the message is simply 'one recycled alliminum can, can power a TV for 3 hours'. im going to see if u can get them to a more professional standard but im really pleased with these resolutions so far and really enjoyed making them, which dose help.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Arcade Fire-Neon Bible

Neon Bible
You must go on this Website, its an interactive music video by Arcade Fire, just go and have a play, its also a bit different every time you go on and it isn't such a bad song either ENJOY :D

Julian Vallee

Many many times have i spent hours cutting out delicate letters with my scalpul and still have never been able to get them looking so perfect and beautifuly done like this. the scale of them being so small to me really shows the craft and time that has gone into producing the letters.
i really love pop out books, im a big kid i know but i really like to play with books and being able to pull out bits and open little windows!
This was an advert for MTV, its pretty amazing, it lookes like a random outburst of sound, sound as an image! there is a short video on their website on how they put this piece together.

Visual Thinking

Mirror, pace, boil, long, excited and juxtaposition.
we took each of these words and expressed them on a coloured square using only squares likens and letters. this is a really fast way to generate ideas simply using colour and shapes and concentrating on the composition of them together. all of these have worked well and i really liked this way of working, cutting and stick my favourite!

Jen Stark

Stark uses layers and layers of coloured paper that she cuts into to make these magnificent sculptures.
i cant begin to imagine how she creates these, they are perfectly carved and absolutely beautiful to look at, they have a very tactile quality to them which is why i think we are so engaged by them.

Olaf Breuning

This is a photographer who iv only just looked at but i was intrigued by her website and how u enter into it!
these two photographs are some i ahve come across but she also works with sculpture, illustration and instulations.

i found this image in a magazine a while back its by Emory Douglas: Cult VIP
This was and image from 'Black Panther: The Revolutionary Art of Emory Douglas' he worked as a minister of culture for the party. his work is poweful and reflects the changes for African Americans from the mid 1960's. this piece in perticular is looking at their right to education, how they started their own schools and how they won awards for it!
on this image hes used photography collage and illustration and it workes really well, as do most of his images, he also dose a lot of illustration based images but i personally fell these images are more powerful as people are always going to believe a photo rather than a illustration.

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tin of Mould yum yum

What Is Green?
well green is what we see as healthy and organic and natural, right?
what about germs and mould and grime?
another way of suing green to show people why they should go organic and use fresh foods was to show them the 'germs' inside these processed tined foods we all buy.
And for all of you who asked no i didnt leave these out for a week or so its just food colouring from co-op (but shhh).
i like this set of images, they are going to paired with 5 foods that we associate with being healthy and fresh, when i get round to that.

Screen Print

First print, nice MAGENTA, was put over the top of our edited images.

using tip ex and a Biro we had to change our image as much as we could in 10 mins, it was a challenge let me tell you.

Tom and his . . . sounds?

This is the first characterised letter that i have traced and coloured coloured using illustrator, and its finished, the only problem is i have 31 more to do now . . . !

These are 'most' of the letters in trace form they ahve worked well with each other on the page and think im almost there in getting it to give a 'sound system' feel about it!
only 10 to go

wish me luck

here we go then this is the final resolution with colour. i had a bit of trouble trying to colour this using illustrator so i used photoshop instead. im really pleased with some letters 'A', 'B', 'P', 'W', and 'X'. i think these work better as they are the letters that have more detail within them so there was more to work with.
also was very happy today as, when i handed this work in Tom (who this was based on) was wearing Red, Green and Black, PERFECT

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

monoprint type and colour

i didnt expect the yellow to go over the black so well, its produced a really sharp quality in the letters.

i used the frame and cut out to make it more symetrical.
sorry if you can see this well but i didnt use any colour on this as i really loved the embossing technique and wanted to see how it looked on its own, the actuall images looks amazing, the letters have come out perfectly. I didnt realise how much of a difference using wet paper made, it helped all the colours to come out brighter and the shaped under the paper came throught stronger.

The mono print induction was one of my favourite workshops, found it easy to reel of image after image working this way. Here are some of my favourites that have worked really well with the layering colour and the embossing. The letter forms i used are used as more shapes than letters as people i asked couldn't recognise what letter forms they were, can you? :D

theses are the A4 boards they look better than the prints!