Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tom and his . . . sounds?

This is the first characterised letter that i have traced and coloured coloured using illustrator, and its finished, the only problem is i have 31 more to do now . . . !

These are 'most' of the letters in trace form they ahve worked well with each other on the page and think im almost there in getting it to give a 'sound system' feel about it!
only 10 to go

wish me luck

here we go then this is the final resolution with colour. i had a bit of trouble trying to colour this using illustrator so i used photoshop instead. im really pleased with some letters 'A', 'B', 'P', 'W', and 'X'. i think these work better as they are the letters that have more detail within them so there was more to work with.
also was very happy today as, when i handed this work in Tom (who this was based on) was wearing Red, Green and Black, PERFECT

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Till Monkey said...

blantantly had to comment on this asi thought yours had well more thought into it than mine, not only visually but on your conceptual side of it too! Maybe if you can be bothered make all the letters plumb, to use the brick;ayers wording.