Sunday, 28 June 2009


ok i know i havnt been blogging at all latley but i have been doing work, taking pictures and making notebooks mostly so here are a few pics to show you where i am at the moment.

iv tried to set myself sort of themes to help me keep all the books as a 'set' and it took me a while to figure out what kind of things would interest me recording all summer. so the first theme is to do with fun and colour and children, more so to do with their games and toys and the bright colours and patterns associated with being young. Also me being a big kid with loads of usless toys already had this image of the fridge magnets.

The second theme is a old and traditional objects and derelict and the idea of used things, used and worn and tattered. i know its not the best explanation of it but ill keep posting images that will hopefuly make it clearer.
This is one of my faviourite places, its at Aira Force in the Lake District, and basically this is a tree that has fallen down and over the years visitors have imbedded coins into it and now it is covered but i managed to find a spot for my penny. it looks amazing from afar and when you get up close you can see all the pennys and where they have come from, we found one from Russia, at least we thing thats where it was from!

Friday, 19 June 2009

Yves Marchand

These photographs are just beautiful! i think i am going to look more into this derelict theme for my summer project. even though there is nothing like this where i live im going to look at abandoned bulidings and wall posters that have been just left and so have been ripped and are worn down.

These beautiful photographs are of old American theatres and derelict buildings, everything in them looks so fragile and to me has such a mysterisous story behind them. i would love to find a building in such conditions and work out the story and why it was all left so suddenly. i use to live next to an old detention centre that had been abandoned and me and my sister went a few times but there was very little left and most of doors were locked! so not much excitment there.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Extra Ordinary House

All these buildongs/houses are amazing, some are Crazy or fairtale like or just plain weird! im sorry i dint have any links or any locations of these but they are still worth a good look.