Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Final images

These are the final images for What is a line, they will be on the front of a postcard side by side. this is promoting safety with electricity.

Monday, 23 March 2009

wire poster

Here i have souldered the whole piece together and have layed it on black paper. this piece is something i am considering for a final piece.

This is something that is more of an experimentation, using a long exposure on the camera so i get this shaked look. i think this lookes well if with the context of a live wire.

First lesson in Soldering

well my table is still there so i would say a sucessful job,

At first you can see it was a bit messy getting solder everywhere

but it did get better and so most of it is neat.

more experimentation

i decided to do the letters seperatly rather than the whold word

i was looking at the amount of wire i would need for differnt letters and words, and yes i kept running out. can you guess what it was going to say.

iv looked at different thickness of wire that i could use, and even though the thicker wire was a lot harder to bend, at my crit it was said that the thinner wire looked a lot neater and had a more delicate look to it.

'it sparks a live wire'

I have looked at differnt layouts of the wire type iv been working on!

having the wire all connected together sat ontop of each other as one piece rather than seperate lines.

here i tried seperate lines but still keeping it in the center of the page.

also looking at having the wire layed out as if written, kept to the left
Iv also looked at extending the wire to the ends of the page from the words.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Oh so beautiful paper

This site, Oh so beautiful paper, is mostly dedicated to letter press and wedding invites, but there are a few gems.
here are some of my faviourites

Monday, 16 March 2009

This Photograph is by Gudni Einarsson, as well as having the context of wire i am aiming for this style photograph, black and white with a higher contrast that almost looks rustic and aged.

Julia Griffiths Jones

Julia Griffiths Jones is an artist who looks at mostly clothing garments through bending wire, she also collaborates these with stitch to add colour, texture and a more clothing look to them.
i really appreciate the work in this, all the detail bended together looks really gorgeous as part of the piece.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

my 3 rules of line

So after nearly 4 months on this project where am i?
well i have explored line visually through materials such as tape, paper, ribbon, stich and wire, which has brought me to creating wire letterforms which i will be later photographing.
my 3 rules that im sticking to are:

1- im only going to use black and white photography as im looking at the use of metal
2- im using only gardening wire, for pratical reasons more than anything, its easier to bend and a lot cheaper than most
3-im not going to use more than 3 different typfaces eaither in one composition or to explore seperatly

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Oh wow i love this, shreaded paper layed over 3D, mabey foam board letters, its by a comapny called 'miss swiss'

This is just lots of example of line and type and ways in combining them

Elizabeth Soule

Elizabeth Soule is a Photogrpaher, her work is mainly shot with Ploaroid cameras and she seems to use toy horses a lot. but i came across there and though they were amazing, very simple photogrpahs with the 3D type, i especially like the top left as it would deffinantly make me smile if they were taking my photograph. she has done some other 3D type photographs if you look on her Flickr.

Line Letterforms

Hion Aoyoma works with type and what im sure is lazer cut, its all one piece of text joined together with the vine like curls that run through it. iv looked at this as part of Visual Language as its all joined together with either the line of the type or the vines.

This is John Caserta, hes used a hot wire foam cutter to produce these letterforms, hes experimented with the speed of the machine and created this rather gorgeous piece, and produced it into a poster. ther a Video of his experimentations on his site JOHN CASERTA