Wednesday, 19 November 2008

THE END . . . for your junk mail

Thats it for junk mail.
i know how unbelivabily annoying it is getting home at night and falling over all the JUNK that is piled through your door every day, do you think its going to stop all by its self, that the junk fairy will come carry it away. . . !
here are jsut a few sites that could help you on your way to STAMP OUT junk mail.
but what about all that rubbish you have already . . . well then you could put on ur creative face and make a few DIY recycled 'thinkgs'
do u like an origional look? hummm use all you junk and make some JUNK GEMS and deffinantly one of my faviourites, forget the christams decorations in the loft, try these babubles, (also a good idea for those friends that youv'e ahd to skimp on this year)

or maby you simply want to know the facts on recycling and how much enery we waste a year on junk mail and noramal light bulbs? it all makes a difference dont start thinking that you cant make a difference . . . because its people like you who have taken the time to come on here to find out more who are, in the end, going to save the planet.


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