Friday, 12 December 2008


ok so maby im taking this a bit seriously but i AM GOOOOD!
my first attempt at this creative cake building may not ahve gone so well but my second attempt was a CORKER
see for your self . . .

this is the first batch that has EVER looked slightly hopefull, a little secreat of mine now to making these little mirical muffins, and the colours well they are just a nice treat for you all.

ok so i may have cheated a little bit with the alphabet cut out shapes but when i tried free hand it was HORRIFIC, crummies everwhere and as for the letters . . .!
Little did i know that u could buy BLACK food colouring, so yes i had to buy it and black icing looks a little weird and gross however, the hundereds and thousands helped them to look AWOMSE, oooh this litte H&T getting everwhere
so BRING IT ON graphic design!

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Luke Hallam said...

oh it is so on for typogateaux. doing my first oractice today, and its going to look miiiiiint.