Monday, 5 January 2009

What is a book?

a book is . . .

a scroll, very old simple way that we use to record information, very useful, well you'll never loose your page right?

Jonathan Drucker

This is an artist book by Jakie Batey, its part of a series entitled 'running a secret society' she has used this book as a information pack on how to set up your own secret society, the manual even has its own language code.

This artist book is a compilation a poem by Elizabeth McDermitt and illustrated by Julie Chen in a tunnel like consentinared book. It works as a piece unopened but still acts perfectly as a working book.

Sue Blackwell is very famour for her sculptural books, this is one of my faviourite and there is another one with butterflys that is as gorgeous. she uses books for her sculptures i imagine for use of the term, ;its like its coming right out of the book' and it dose. the old looking pages covered with text make these sculptures even more exquisit.

I first saw the works of Brian Dettmerpt in an I-D magazine, these book sculptures are amazing i just want to pick it up and feel it and peer inside. he picks out single words and images and carves round them leaving them almost hovering in this integate piece. deffinant 10/10

Artis book by Mathew Tyson and Les Bicknell

These last three images were of Jonathan Callan, im not eve sure why i like the first one but something about is so . . . u know? But this last one, books wraped together looking like a puzzel.

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