Tuesday, 27 January 2009

put a sock in it

i used last weeks Digital Photography session to take some photos of odd socks on feet, i got my sister to layer on some of the odd sock i had, her feet were very toasty, but they all turned out gorgeous, all the pictures are really fun, with the bright colours, and simple, with the white background and simple poses. I'm not sure how I'm going to use them just yet but they are really nice visual aids to what I'm looking for.

After the Crit session we had my group gave me the idea of a children's book, although children's book are very simply narrative and meant to be used in a educational purpose, I'm looking at babies and infants book which is more about the feel and look of them.
i cut up some odd socks and used them for this 'swatch' samply.
However i really want to somehow encorporate some typography in this somewhere as im really interested in it, and Mr Tom Cummings gave me the great idea of doing letter forms from sock shapes.


PHOENIX said...

i like the photographic images. could you gather 100 odd socks and then re-photgraph them all in the same way. perhaps turn it into a video or stop motion animation?

Till Monkey said...

Not just commenting on tis cos its near the top, but because I cannot believe you actually "bigged me up" as it were on that idea! WOOpt! Also cos i love your idea, and the way youve been approachin it is great, you seem to have such a broad range of ideas. Oh and your alphabet is amazing, get it down!!