Sunday, 25 January 2009

Statment of Intent , Book of 100

I collected 100 odd socks over the Christmas break, which i have categorised them in colour, numbered randomly pulled out of a bag, how far they would go around my house layed out next to each other and things like that. I'm going to keep in categorising them as i collect them, iv also started experimenting with the concept of a sock book and what that could mean.

my research is going to be mainly looking at children's books, iv been to Waterstones and got some secondary research of the children's book they have there for children which has really helped, its clear that a lot of them focus on bright colours and different textures which I'm going to look at further in my won work. I'm also planning on looking at different binding methods which might make the book still simple for children to use but a bit more aesthetically pleasing something to make the kind pick my book over another one. they say don't judge a book by its cover but everyone dose, even if you don't mean to.

I'm going to use a variety of different methods for this book, i want each page to be different, each page to appeal to the child in a different way, photographs, different textures, drawings, interactive parts an so on.

the group crits that we have had have been very helpful, i was resistant on producing a child's book for a while but the crit has gave me new incentive for ideas and way in which the book can be a piece of design more than just an educational book for kids. i also have lots of visual aids that iv been experimenting and developing in my own work.

So far iv been looking at odd socks but i think i will start looking at pairs of socks as this could work really well in a child's book to help pair them up.

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