Tuesday, 20 January 2009

my books

This is a concertina style book that has overlapping layers and hidden flaps. its called 'The Big Book of Little Lost Socks' as my project is looking at odd socks i focused this book more on looking at loosing the 'other' sock. being a big fan of pop up books myself but never actually tried it, decided it could really help with this theme. inside the book are little pop up boxes and pull out flaps that some way contain socks that cant be seen unless u actually look and interact with the book.

I made this perfectly bound hard back book in our book binding workshop, and I'm really impressed with this, even if i did rush some of the cutting round the edges! iv done a book binding workshop before and they didn't turn out as professional looking as this. now that i know the basic skills to make a perfect book its going to be fun playing around and seeing what else i can do with it! hopefully ill have something to show soon.

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