Thursday, 30 April 2009

What do i want to be as a designer?

Who were you as a designer at the start of the course?
I think the main point to make here is that before this course i had never studied design, i had an A-level in Art and progressed onto a Foundation year where i expressed a love for photography and that was who i thought i was, a photographer, but after working on projects using type, 3D imagery and books i didn't know how i could fit all of that together with photography. it wasn't until i spoke with my tutor who opened my eyes to Graphic Design and how it can entail, everything. so when i started the Graphic Design course i was a photographer based designer who was starting to look at new areas of design.

Who are you as a designer right now?
At the moment i am still exploring into different approaches and things i can do, i am still a photography orientated designer but i am very interested in typography and 3D imagery. i work mostly with paper and love to use very tactile materials and work with big bold colours, i am also very interested in working with books and how this format can be manipulated. when solving problems i find i always tend to inform or give advice or solve a piratical solution, and tend not to go for bold instructive statements. i dint use shocking techniques or crude humour as i think there is enough of that around anyway.
However i have never been brilliant on computers, even though i have produced digital work, i dint feel this is my strongest approach to solving problems.

Who do you intend to be as a designer in the future?
1. i think the main aim for me is to work on the presentation of my work, i think i need to start producing work to a more professional standard. i take more advantage of the professional printers we have and use the techniques i have learned this year and perfect them, e.g. book binding, layouts and colour management.
2. i need to be more organised with my work and materials, some of my work has gone missing or been misplaced because of my untidiness, and therefore have no record of potentially great work. to be a professional designer you cant afford to have things go missing and therefore i will one way or another have all my work organised.
3. i want to be more confident in my work, i am happy to show my family and some friends but when it comes to showing other designers i really feel inadequate and sometimes feel like I'm blagging my way through. my grades so far have been brilliant and so this has given me a little confidence but my next year i want to be showing off, well sort of.

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