Saturday, 25 April 2009

The Space Studio

These two signs for the studio i thought were some of the best work there, although not as relevant to the actual studio they, to me, are very aesthetically pleasing.

Old English Necklace, this drew in my attention immediately, it was quite big and very bold unlike some of the more subtle and simple designs there. Also having a love of all things type i like to see that it really isn't just a poster or a book you can successfully use type.

This is for all you Tuesday night Subculture fans, i cant walk past a moustache without thinking of 'know your moustache'.

Although these displays were exhibiting the feather pendants and earrings, i was much more take with the origami animals.

This is one of the studios in the Manchester craft and design centre, the space studio in particular exhibits work from students at Manchester University which is most of what is above.

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