Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sheffield Hallam Jewellery - Emily Pilsworth

We went to the Sheffield Hallam Exhibition to see Emily Pilsworths work, who is a good friend! she has just finished on a Jewellery Design Degree and here is her work!

a ring of 6 six rings stuffed with bread

each bead can be torn off and eaten, and when they are all gone, all the silver drops to the bottom and leaves a beautiful necklace.

The concept of her work i think was dealing with permanent and disposable materials, how jewellery is seen as very valuable and mixing this with a material that is very temporary e.g. dough. some of the inspiration came from candy necklaces where children eat all the beads and left with a piece of elastic, well here she has made rings and necklaces and decorated them with silver and dough. The idea is a tear and shear one, where a group of 6 can wear these pieces and eat the bread that they hold and still be left with a piece of contemporary jewellery.


Anonymous said...

this is so odd and weird and cool! xx

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