Sunday, 19 July 2009

nearly 2 months in and . . .

Right most of the photographs iv been taking are on my film camera so im waiting for them to be developed but in the mean time these are a few images iv been looking at to help with this project, im still on this idea of used, derelict feel and childish fun and bright colours! still dosnt make sence much but i will figure it out!

how cool is this! firstly l love collage witch makes this seem more cheerful with the different yellows and oranges, and i love the cut out lettering aswell, i think this really makes u want to smile a bit! and thats always good.

This was a bit of everything for me really, i first saw the frames or at least the top right one which has a very traditional look to it and they all look quite dull and used, as do the pictures inside them. but the images look hand drawn and quite random so this idea of kids drawings aswell.

BEAUTIFUL, i love this sort of thing, this is the sort of images iv been trying to capture with my camera.

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