Wednesday, 27 May 2009

File Magazine

This is a FANTASTIC newspaper, i ordered this not knowing the whole contents but after seeing it in Borders i was really excited about getting it! Even though it is a newspaper the beauty of it comes from the layout of each page, the whole thing is so simplictic with few images and words on each page. The negative space really makes your appreciate every aspect on the page, the words, images, the bleed thought, page number and pages that are left blank but have traces of the contents of the previous page where the ink has still been wet. This is not like a everyday newspape, i wouldnt sit and read it on the bus and then throw it away, and i dont flick through all the pages looking for something interesting to look at, i want to read every page. It also comes with a DVD containing shome short films and music videos that are reviewed in the newspaper, you also get a limited print from Geoff Mcfetridge.
i found and bought this on Analogue Books where there are so many beautiful books and magazines that you can actually buy.

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chloegaleabagd said...

This is soooooo gorgeous - wow!! wish my type amd grid looked like it!! lol xxxx