Thursday, 21 May 2009

Choosing and using paper

Choosing and using paper is a book iv been looking at and have been amazed, it dosnt look like much but it has some beautiful designes, here are some of my faviourites, they are all scanned so sorry if the quality is a bit poor.
Never judge a book by its cover.

Squires & Company
This project is called 'two peas in a pod' and basically it is a mailer for the announcment of for the birth of two baby boys, they use the packaging of real pea seeds as well as recycled paper. the concept of this piece is very angelic and a beauitiful way to announce a birth.

Squires & Company
This project was for a pulp image concept from a photographer who needed to show his photoshoots. they have used cardboard for the envelope and printed into it, i always appreciate design that is using these cheep recycled materials.

Volume Inc.
This is a book of 'how to make (almost) everything' it is recusable by having the spine doubled as a ruler and the back cover becomes a picture frame. It has a very simple layout and simple illustrations but it was the cover that i engadged with, the recycled stock and letter press.

Aloof Design
This notebook was inspired by Mulberrys iconic leather agenda, but this notebook was made with one sheet of card board.

This company use very loc cost materials and techniques, these boxes were exhibited at 100% East. They used screened print stencils and stickers, on the boxes.

Johnson Banks
'Send a Letter' was a set of 26 die-cut letters that were used as postcards for people to send from their 'post office' in the V&A. wouldnt you just love to get one of these though the post.

This was a book that was produced to be used in everyday life, it includes things like a place setting, picture frames, a pop up pen pot and stencils, the book can be adapted by the owner. it uses many different stocks and weights and so the book is more alive as you turn each page.

Craig Kirk

Craig Kirk
Matchboxes is a series of matchboxes that folds out into different scenes and instulations, his first was the Glastonbury matchbox where it folded out into the scene of a music stage and campers.
'Its not about things in the matchboxes, its about things coming out of them. Suprise, inspire, smile.'

B&W Studios
75th anniversary annual appeal

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