Monday, 9 February 2009

What is a Line

The album cover for Three Days Grace was what first ispired me with the cut out line of figures we all did when we were younger. i developed the idea to typography.

I cut out each letter on folded paper in the style of a handwritten typ face as i was also looking at the continious line of handwriting so i made it so they all joined up together when folded.

When unfolded they dont look like the letters anymore but still quite interesting shapes.

Im looking at a connected series of experiments with paper, stitch and wire and any other materials that will help me connect and use continous line.
After the presentations on Tusday, the work that stood out for the rest of the group was the cut out alphabet and the page of stitch line i did. im going to experiment more with this and see where it takes me, but i deffinantly want to keep with typography rather than images. i will be looking at ways to connect the letter forms and ways in which they work together as one piece or seperate pieces fitting together.

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